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How Details Determine Success or Failure of Clothing

With the growth of the African apparel industry, competition in the women's wear industry has intensified. As such, the handling of details of sales products has become an important factor for competitive advantage. UNAKU keeps in mind that "details determine success or failure" when it comes to clothing design and that brand quality is a highlight of clothing manufacturing. UNAKU allows consumers to experience the detailed services from different perspectives. 

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Highlight detail design

The tiny bits despite their inestimable role in clothing are often overlooked. However, notice that some details remain deeply imprinted in our minds to an extent that you might forget the actual person wearing the clothes but owing to the impressive details on their clothing pieces, you will remember what they were wearing.

UNAKU puts a lot of thought into the design and production process of each piece of clothing, and designs unique highlights on each one of them. Bandages, V-necks, prints, ruffles and other designs all reflect UNAKU's distinctive brand design.


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Seam-opened sewing

In order to ensure the elegant flow of the skirt below, UNAKU used the manual "seam-opened ironing" process to make it. The structure of the skirt is clear, and the version is straight. This process is a first-line one in garment construction. Very few brands will actually consider using this process and will go about it only when a piece of clothing is suitable for it. That is because the cost of the process is four times that of the ordinary sewing process commonly used.


Clean finishing

 The finishing of the skirt or trousers needs to be clean and tidy to bring that much desired exquisite enjoyment. There can be many reasons for the untidy finishing in clothing. The reasons could be that the machine used was too old, the needle thread spacing was too wide, the stitching technique was not skilled, the threading was done too fast, or that the one making the garment only considered the speed of the task but not the quality. UNAKU's factories have strict controls on machines, personnel technology, clothing process parameters, and quality inspection to ensure presentation of clean finishing for customer satisfaction.


UNAKU provides high-quality pieces when it comes to women's apparel allowing you to feel comfortable and confident from the inside out!


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Having talked about how we manage the quality of clothing, we would now like to give you insight into how we deliver the clothing to you.

Service& delivery &after sale

For consumers, UNAKU not only focuses on pre-sales but also after-sales service, delivery, among other details. UNAKU provides a 24-hour online manual service for quick response to your online shopping. We do this to ensure that our UNAKU consumers have the best online shopping user experience that generates the desire to make a purchase. At the same time, UNAKU provides 4 payment methods as well as delivery methods to ensure that you receive the purchased goods within 1-3 days. The payment methods include PayPal, online banking, call to order and pay on delivery. The after-sales service of the products provides customers with product protection. The products once purchased from UNAKU, can be returned within 7 days in case of any product quality problems to improve your satisfaction. 




As you can see, at UNAKU, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. As our customer you can rely on our hands on approach when it comes to ensuring you get the best quality apparel from us. We do this through giving the detailing on them more focus because they go a long way in determining the success of a constructed garment. We also really care about how you look. UNAKU also loves to make your shopping experience seamless because we are always looking forward to your next purchase from us again.

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