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How to Wear the Bell Sleeves Trend

The bell sleeves trend has grown in popularity in recent times, with designers from all over the world incorporating the trend into their designs in different ways. These kinds of sleeves have a way of transforming an otherwise very ordinary top, dress or jumpsuit into an extraordinary piece worthy of making a fashion statement.

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Below are a few ideas on how to wear the bell sleeves trend:

Casually fun on a romper

Well bell sleeves do scream casual and extra. While you can find them in various top designs, you might be interested in going a different way, a romper or jumpsuit maybe? We highly recommend going for our green romper. It’s got a great balance for the bell sleeves in the form of the v-cut neckline it comes with. The length of the romper also adds to it’s great balance. With such a romper you can strut your way into a classy event by wearing it with a nice pair of high heels or go casual by pairing it with sandals or sneakers. All in all, you will not feel overwhelmed by the immense fabric on the sleeves and part of the reason is that the romper allows you to show adequate skin.


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Go classy with a pencil dress

Well, we did mention that bell sleeves scream extra, but extra can also be classy. You could always pick out dresses such as this pink one with the black detail from our Unaku collection. The dress as you can see has some beautiful lace detail. Lace is always classy and timeless. The fact that it is a knee length garment and covers you up makes it appropriate for classier and more formal settings despite it being a bell-sleeve dress. You will certainly not feel like you’re wearing too much, or in other words, you will not feel overdressed. Remember though, that since such a dress is already a statement, simple shoes are your best bet so that your outfit is not all over the place.


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Look delicate in sweet colors and light fabrics

If you feel like bell sleeves are too “strong” or “in your face” then how about toning them down by wearing them in sweet, soft colors such as this pink Unaku dress? You can also achieve the same by going for fabrics such as chiffon that are light and also very flowy. A softer color makes you more approachable and gives you a more feminine look regardless of the sleeves being so wide. They have a way of creating that much needed balance for ladies who may not be too keen on taking big fashion risks which is just excellent. Remember, it does not always have to be a dress. You could go for a nice soft-colored top, jumpsuit, blouse or romper to achieve the same. It’s all up to you.


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Flounce it up

How about combining two popular trends for an even more fun look? Well, lots of ruffled-sleeve pieces are bell sleeved as well and you could choose to be extra like that. Take an example of this pre-sale Ankara dress. The sleeves are both bell and ruffled and the flounce gives the dress more style and uniqueness. Ruffles have been trending for a while and this is certainly a great way to incorporate them into your looks.


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We hope you’ve added these items to your Unaku wishlist. Remember the Ankara dress is a pre-sale item and adding it to your cart will save you 20% of the original cost once it’s available. Otherwise, get shopping. These bell-sleeve pieces will give your wardrobe a much-needed boost.

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